Why agents need lead-generation to help them through the crisis

December 4, 2020

The property industry has arguably been one of the hardest hit during the COVID-19 pandemic.  With the current restrictions in place, such as social distancing and local lockdowns, many estate agencies are adapting to new tactics for creating and maintaining clients. Agents across the country, whether or not stay-at-home orders are in place, will need a new strategy for operating their business during this pandemic.  Lead generation undoubtedly needs to be a top priority. In this post, we look at why agents need lead-generation to help them through the crisis.

Utilise social media

As of 2nd December 2020, Britain is living under a ‘tier’ system, meaning people up and down the country are all living with some form of restrictions.  As many of us are following stay-at-home orders and practicing social distancing, time spent on social media has drastically increased. Businesses across many different industries have turned to the internet, specifically social media, to generate interest and sales. The same should go for estate agents looking to stay relevant and build business for the current market, as well as to build rapport and relationships.

Adapt to new forms of communication

Understanding how to communicate during this time will be very valuable. This is especially important if you run a team of agents or a brokerage and need to have meetings on a regular basis. Through Area’s software, you have real-time data on exactly how your customers experience your brand and your team metrics. Filter and cut your data by team, user, department to get the whole picture, so you’ll always know what is going on and how your team is performing.

Create more content

Now is the time to be creating new, informative, and engaging content to develop a sense of authority in your arena.  People are still doing their searches. As soon as the pandemic is over and we’re back to life as semi-normal, demand is going to resume and they’re going to be reaching out to the person or the people that they want to have help them.

Utilise virtual property tours

Have you considered virtual property tours?  While technically prospective buyers and renters are physically allowed to view properties in person, they may not want to because of the pandemic.  Don’t let that allow you to lose a lead.  Use virtual property tours instead, allowing prospects to view a potential property from the comfort of their own home.  Area lets you add virtual property tour links to auto-reply emails, allowing you to automate the whole process.

By focusing on and developing a new lead generation strategy, estate agents can continue running their business while remaining relevant and helpful to not only their current clients but also prospects who are looking to purchase a home now or in the future.

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