Ways estate agents can maximise their lead-handling

December 10, 2020

Estate agents operate in extremely competitive markets.  As such, they often make lead generation their primary focus.  After all, the bigger your database, the higher your conversion rate, right? Actually, this isn’t always the case.  While the number of leads you have is important, it’s also crucial you consider ways to nurture those leads into prospects, and then ultimately, sales. Here, we look at ways estate agents can maximise their lead-handling.

Don’t lose customers at any stage of the journey

As an estate agent, it’s important that you think about your end-to-end customer journey.  When it comes to your marketing strategy, where are you capturing the most leads? At which part of the journey are you losing the most leads?

Are you capturing every enquiry that comes in? Most leads actually come out of hours, so it can be hard to keep on top of them unless you have someone monitoring them 24 hours a day. Customer engagement is so important, especially during the early stages of the journey when they seem to be the most enthusiastic.  If you don’t respond to leads quickly, you’re likely to lose them all together.  

With Area's lead management software, you can be sure that no matter if you're closed or your team's busy — customers receive a branded email reply so you know you'll never miss an opportunity. After all, you only get the chance to make a good first impression once.  

Back-and-forth calls and emails really do have the potential to slow down a potential viewing or valuation. Area's self-service availability ensures your team knows more about the client before the first contact.

Additionally, our automated property matching, we show customers your other properties which they may have missed on portals. They can view photos and provide their feedback to your team too.

Prioritise your leads

Do you prioritise your leads? It’s an important step that many estate agents don’t consider.  It adds a personal touch to your client base and makes them feel valued, rather than just another number on your database.  With Area, you can place all information on your leads in the same place, allowing you to target them with messaging and content focused on their specific needs.

Our Lead Quality Score (LQS™️) automatically scores and prioritises your leads based on different data points before and during customer engagement to help you be as targeted as possible. 

Lead Nurturing

To convert a lead into a client that purchases or buys a property through you, you need to focus on the nurturing process.

Focus on building relationships.  Be sure to keep in touch with prospects who are looking for a new property.  Continue to create content that is engaging via social media, blogs, guides, etc. - anything that is engaging and interesting for your client base.  To attract the best leads, you’ll need to provide highly valuable content about your properties and the surrounding areas. By doing so you’ll appear as an authority in your market and earn visits from those seeking quality information. The best place to do this is on your website, the hub of your marketing efforts.

If you want to find out more about Area, our software and how we can help you and your team to increase sales, contact us for more information: https://www.usearea.com/contact-us