How lead management software can help boost your estate agent sales

November 25, 2020

Are you an estate agent wanting to save your business time, money and increase your revenue? Have you considered a lead management system? No matter how big or small your estate agency, resources are always limited.  In the current economic climate, estate agents are having to find new ways to increase their success rates and generate more sales.  In this post, we look at how lead management software can help boost your estate agent sales.

What is a lead management software?

Our lead management system allows you to centralise all of your leads, essentially removing the need for manual email handling, reducing time wastage and increasing sales.  Through automating your sales, lettings and vendor enquiries your team can free up time that can be spent on other business-critical tasks and or key enquiries.

Why should estate agents use our lead management software?

Respond to the best leads first

We live in a world where customers expect an instant or almost instant response.  Our Lead Quality Score (LQS™️) automatically scores and prioritises your leads based on different data points before and during customer engagement to cut through the noise and get ahead of your competitors.  After all, how and when you follow up on a lead is the difference between a sale and missed opportunities.

Reduce time wastage

Know your customers availability ahead of time to reduce the need for back and forth calls and eliminate time wasted, meaning you have more time to maximise your ROI.  

See everything in one place

Our dashboard provides real time analytics. With lead allocation and live customer activity, you get a true picture of what’s happening at any given moment. You’ll know how your customers are behaving, which campaigns are performing most effectively and what your current conversion rates are in an instant.    

Convert a single lead in to multiple leads

Our ‘Auto-Property Matching’ feature will show customers properties they may have missed on other platforms, giving them the option to give feedback to your team directly.

Unique insights for management

With detailed insights and reports you can see exactly how your customers experience your brand and your team metrics. Filter and cut your data by team, user, department to get the whole picture.  You can also see which portals are driving enquiries and how many enquiries a property received.

Forget spreadsheets and manually processing leads; simply use a lead management system to centralise your lead management and begin focusing on driving traffic and getting sales. Lead management and automation software is absolutely essential to optimising your business in the coming months and years.

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