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How does Technology play a role in the property industry?

July 5, 2021

Technology shapes the world we live in, none least the property industry.  From estate agents strategies, to virtual property tours, the impact technology has upon the industry is huge.  Here, Shawn Zvinis, Area Head of Product and Co-Founder, talks about the influence and importance of technology upon the industry over the last decade.

Q) Why should an estate agent use tech to form their business strategy?

A) For estate agents, business is all about maximising opportunities with the biggest ROI.  In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, that’s never been more important to ensure business survival.   By implementing tech into their business strategy, estate agents can automate manual tasks, to speed up previously time consuming processes, increase accuracy and reliability.

Q) How has the technology available to the industry changed over the last decade?

A) The technology available is changing constantly, so the industry is in a completely different place to where it was 2 years ago, let alone 10. What your customers may have wanted ten or even five years ago may be completely different to what they want now. To thrive, agents need to be able to adapt to this.  Automation has sped things up a lot, and we’re now also dealing with a target audience that is much more tech savvy than they were previously. With this comes some challenges and increased expectations, but also a massive amount of opportunity.  

Q) What’s the benefit for Estate Agents of using Area?

A) There are several benefits that Area provides to estate agents. The primary one is allowing customers to engage with agents 24/7 and provide them the information they need to qualify and contact the best customers first. Beyond that, having a central place to view, action and monitor your new business enquiries allows managers and directors to know customers are getting the full brand experience. 

Q) How do you think Area will change the property industry?

A) I think Area is helping agents adapt to changing times and changing needs and wants.  The last 12 - 18 months have been extremely challenging for agents, but I strongly believe Area and its key features such as auto property matching and virtual property tour links have helped to get them through it.

In the property industry, customer experience is key. Suggested as ‘minimising friction, maximising efficiency and maintaining a human element’, your customers’ experience makes the difference between building a reliable customer base and losing your clients to competitors. With Area, you can maximise that customer experience to ensure your conversion rates remain consistently high. 

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