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Estate Agents need to invest in their digital presence in order to increase leads

August 4, 2021

Research has shown that an increasing number of estate agents are relying upon property portals, such as Rightmove, Zoopla and OnTheMarket, to generate leads rather than investing in their own digital presence.

However, industry experts are advising agents to spend more time investing in their own digital presence in order to increase the number of leads captured and improve lead quality.  Through spending time improving in their own digital channels and focusing upon lead capturing, lead generation and lead nurturing tools, agents can become less reliant upon portals as the sole source of new applicants and vendors.  

By investing in their own digital presence, agents can achieve great results.  The truth is, users expect estate agents to have a strong website and social media presence.  Gone are the days when people had to search amidst thousands of properties, for their dream home. Using digital marketing and cutting edge technology the process of buying a house has changed monumentally in the past few years. Digital marketing now enhances the home-buying experience.  

Through spending time and energy on their own website and social channels, agents can eliminate the middlemen for a purchase or a sale, which is a major asset. This increases transparency for prospects, and decreases lead time. A website can increase value for clients by providing valuable information to help guide buyers or sellers throughout the buying or selling process. Part of this is ensuring the agent's website has updated listings, community resources, FAQ, and contact information. Agents also need to use their website, blog, and social media to become a valuable resource with pertinent, helpful information.

What goes on behind the scenes of a website is now as important as how it looks. Algorithms, analytics and behaviour patterns push websites into scientific and even psychological directions. The challenge? Understanding what all the bells and whistles offered mean, to then find the balance between a pleasing aesthetic, functionality and lead generation to create something good enough to explore and compelling enough to engage with.

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