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Auto-Property Matching

Convert a single lead into multiple leads

With our automated property matching, we show customers your other properties which they may have missed on portals. They can view photos and provide their feedback to your team too.


Branded Auto-Reply

Instant 24/7 auto-reply for all new enquiries

You can sleep well knowing that no matter if you're closed or your team's busy — customers receive a branded email reply so you know you'll never miss an opportunity (or a secret shop).


Customer Availability

Know your customer's availability ahead of time

There's nothing worse than back-and-forth calls and emails to slow down a potential viewing or valution. Area's self-service availability ensures your team knows more before first contact.


Insights & Reports

Know how your team and agents are performing

With detailed insights and reports you can see exactly how your customers experience your brand and your team metrics. Filter and cut your data by team, user, department to get the whole picture.


Integrated Calls & Emails

Track, review and report on calls and emails

Your team can call and email from Area without any additional integrations and you can listen to calls, get detailed reports on contact times and ensure you performance targets are being met.


Lead Prioritisation

Act on the best leads first with LQS™️ sorting

Our Lead Quality Score (LQS™️) automatically scores and prioritises your leads based on different data points before and during customer engagement to cut through the noise.


Lead Qualifying

Customer search & profile data ahead of time

Through self-service tools, up to 50% of customer enquiries complete their search and profile data so your agents have all the data they need before first contact is made.


Real-Time Dashboard

Action leads in real-time from desktop or mobile

Our real-time lead dashboard becomes the beating-heart of your estate agency. With lead allocation, live customer activity and more you've never been more ready for the future.

More Features

Cross-branch enquiry tracking

See entire customer history if they have enquired through other branches

Duplicate customer warnings

If we find a partial match on customer contact information we'll warn you

Property enquiry analytics

See which portals are driving enquiries and how many a property received

Lead source analytics

Drill-down into data to learn when and where your leads come from

Weekly user performance reports

Get a snapshot report each week to show how your team is performing

Customer activity analytics

View when and how your customers engage with self-service tools

Transfer lead data to CRM system

Close lead and transfer data to a CRM system (supported CRMs)

Virtual team mapping

Map leads from virtual teams like new homes to a specific branch

Alternative property suggestions

Allow agents to suggest alternative properties when emailing customers

KPI/SLA lead colour-coding

Leads that exceed your set targets go yellow and red on your dashboard

Virtual property tour links

Add virtual property tour links to auto-reply emails (supported CRMs)

Self-service SMS reminders

Remind customers to complete self-service by SMS if no email response

Website self-service button

Drive website traffic directly to self-service availability/qualifying tools

Real-time customer activity

View when your customers are online and see their responses in real-time

Detailed lead filtering and sorting

Filter and sort leads by branch, department, opportunities and more

Detailed lead audit trail

View detailed audit trails from initial enquiry through to booking

Chronological leads feed

View a chronological view of lead activity so you don't miss a beat

User roles and management

Add or manage users and set manager or director permissions

Scheduled operating hours

Set operating hours for KPIs/SLAs and to restrict access when closed

Reassign/allocate leads

Allocate leads outside of operating hours or reassign leads to any agent

New lead notifications

Receive a web notification and/or email when a new lead is available

Smart lead routing

Route your new leads directly to the right branch and department agents

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