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"Area has revolutionised our lead management. By bringing our data into one place, we are able to better manage, analyse and respond to the fast-changing nature of the sector. The team have been brilliant, whilst the software is easy to use - it has already improved in the time we have been a client."

"Area is a streamlined system that provides us with enriched lead data & keeps our response times on track. It saves us the time of collecting basic information & gives us the tools we need to have high-quality touch-points with every lead from the very beginning. Area's reporting tools help us to see where we're succeeding and where we need to focus our efforts."

"Introducing Area into our 9 branches has allowed us to make fundamental changes that have improved our efficiency and profitability. From a customer perspective, simply turning on Area made us a better agency. The detailed analytics have provided us a level of insight about our business and customers, which was just not possible before."

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